Who We Are

The Access Line is a program offered by Distress Centre Niagara. It is a free, 100% confidential telephone support service. Our team consists of highly trained staff and volunteers who provide front line 24/7 phone support and helps our callers connect to the appropriate mental health or addictions services across Niagara. We work with 16 mental health and addiction agencies.

The Mental Health Addictions Access Line was launched in 2014 to provide centralized information about mental health and addiction services across Niagara. At the time individual agencies or intake staff did not necessarily know the full extent of services across the region beyond the services provided by their own organization. The person often had to find and contact the various services, sometimes with multiple calls,and usually at a time when they were emotionally vulnerable. Agencies and organizations recognized that they needed to collaborate in providing one place where people could find support and be directed to the service they needed.

Access Line works with and refers people to mental health and addiction agencies which provide up to 100 programs across the region.

Some of the reasons people reach out to ACCESS LINE

Curious to see what help is out there.

Confused that they don’t know if they are in the right place to discover what they need.

Scared of not knowing where to get help or if there is help.

Worried they can’t afford help with their mental health and/or addiction.

Frustrated with the system.

Access Line is 100% confidential. Our phones are answered 24/7.

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