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What It Is

We provide telephone support for adult residents of Niagara facing addiction and mental health concerns. Callers get immediate access to our supportive, trained responders who provide:

  • Information
  • Support
  • Connection to Local Services
  • Follow Up

How It Works

If you, a family member, or friend is in need, give us a call on our toll-free number. A member of our supportive, trained staff will provide immediate support and guidance. Depending on your unique needs and preferences, we may connect you with a member of our collaborating network, which consists of 16 fully-vetted services so you can receive more specialized assistance. If we do transfer you to a member of our network, we will follow up to make sure you or your loved one has received the appropriate care.

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Our Team

Our team consists of highly trained volunteers who provide front line 24 hour phone support and connections to mental health or addictions services. Our community access workers and team leader support our volunteers, follow up with agencies, provide community awareness, and collaborate with partners to enhance client experience for accessing mental health and addictions services.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Mental Health and Addictions Access Line is the first point of access to mental health and addiction services for adult residents of Niagara. Volunteers provide immediate support and explore services with the caller to find the most appropriate fit. Once that is determined, a referral can be made.

The Access line is a program offered by Distress Centre Niagara, a free, confidential telephone support service that utilizes highly trained volunteers. After spending 48 hours on the Distress Centre phone lines to gain experience and comfort supporting callers, additional training specific to the Mental Health and Addictions Access Line will be provided. Volunteers will help callers explore what help will look like for them to suit their individual needs. With their consent Access Line will provide a transfer to the appropriate service.

Additional benefits of volunteering with Mental Health and Addictions Access Line:

  • You will help individuals who otherwise might not know where to turn to get connected with the support they need
  • You will gain valuable and extensive knowledge of the mental health and addiction services offered in the Niagara Region
  • You will be a key team player to the service of the Mental Health and Addictions Access Line and Distress Centre Niagara- a well trained, dedicated volunteer meeting a need in our community

If interested in volunteering, an application can be completed online via the Distress Centre Niagara Website: http://distresscentreniagara.com/volunteer/

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Call?

Niagara residents over the age of 16 who want to take the first step toward connecting with the appropriate mental health and addictions support for themselves, or someone they care about.

When Can I Call?

A trained Access Line staff member is available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

How Can This Help Me?

When you call us, a staff member will talk with you to determine the Niagara mental health and/or addiction service provider that can best support your needs. They will either connect you to that organization during the phone call or make arrangements to have someone from the organization call you.

When Shouldn’t I Call?

The Mental Health and Addictions Access Line is not a crisis line. If you, or someone you care about, is in immediate danger or in need of medical attention or emergency assistance, call 911.

Available 24/7 | 100% Confidential | Toll-Free


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